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Successfully launch Garmin’s Forerunner For Runners campaign from the starting block, connect with runners (no matter their motivation for movement), avoid blisters at all costs.


Garmin came to Rabbit Foot by way of executive producer extraordinaire, Steve Sweitzer, to launch their newest series of Forerunner running watches. So we helped tell the story of how the Forerunner is, simply put, for all runners. We chose to shoot in Costa Rica because its biodiversity matched our audience: runners of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and motivations. We cast a wide range of only real runners from across the world – from casual joggers to professional para-athletes. Because when it comes to blazing a path, they run the show.

After a lush four-day shoot with a hybrid of international talent and local resources, we partnered with editor, Sai Selvarajan, from Lucky Post to perfect our pacing. Along the way, we collected a full library of still images that Garmin could run with across platforms. On day one we asked our talent, “what’s your reason for running?” and by wrap, we learned what the Garmin team knew all along: it doesn’t matter.


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Special Thanks to:

Executive Producer and creative partner Steve Sweitzer for running circles around this project and connecting all the dots. @sweitzpalooza

Note: All production and travel took place pre-Covid

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